Giraffe Feeding Experience

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I am used to designing buildings for people but it's not every day you get asked to design a structure for giraffes! Thanks to Mogo Zoo this is exactly what I have done. The design is intended to allow for an excellent up close experience of feeding the giraffes. The zoo wanted people to experience the size of the animals so the decision was taken to keep the feeders below the animals. The structure is designed to meet Disabled Access Codes and to provide shade from the summer sun in the busy summer months. Other design ideas to note - the structure is of a scale that reflects the size of the giraffes. Also the queuing area is stepped down so that everyone has a good view of the animals as they queue. This is intended to make the queuing experience more tolerable and an idea I borrowed from the Disney Imagineers, who made a big impression on me when I visited Disney World as a kid.

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